【Official】Rakuzan Yasuda

Rakuzan Yasuda

"It is one of the traditional Japanese aesthetic ideas."Miyabi』

Feel the tradition of kimono, tatami mats, and Japanese, and learn about important things

A place where you can moisturize your mind and body with old hot water and gain vitality to fly to tomorrow. "

The long-awaited Family plan is here!

  • 【Group discount】【Family Discount】The best value plan for 4 or more people per room!

    We are now selling a new plan for family (group) customers!

    If you have a group of 4 or more (including elementary school students), this plan is the best value!

    What's more, we will also provide a free "first drink"!
    If your child includes meals, you will receive a special discount, so please specify this when booking.

    It seems like this summer is going to be pretty hot.
    Why not enjoy high-quality hot springs and seasonal kaiseki cuisine with your family or friends?

It was aired in the final episode of Arashi ni Shiyaga.

  • Nice 5 people

    It was aired in the final episode of Arashi ni Shiyaga.

    Thank you very much for choosing Rakuzan Yasuda ( KIMONO-TATAMI-ONSEN ) for the final wonderful stage.
    Thank you for your wonderful encounter.

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Information on cakes and bouquets

  • How about a cake or a bouquet of flowers for your anniversary?

    We believe that many of our guests are considering staying at our hotel to celebrate birthdays or anniversaries.
    Made at a famous patisserie in sizes suitable for two people.We have a wide selection of cakes that are gluten-free and can be eaten by babies.
    How about a cake that adds a touch of brilliance to your special time?

    ※The serving timing is set to be served after the meal.Specifically, the staff will bring it to the table at the time when the dessert of the kaiseki meal is served.
    ※Changes or cancellations are not accepted at this facility.If there are any changes such as cancellation of accommodation after making a cake reservation, please contact "Cake.jp Co., Ltd." directly.


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Hotel Name

Rakuzan Yasuda


28 Kona, Izunokuni City, Shizuoka Prefecture

Telephone number



Transfer at JR Mishima Station,Get off at Izu Hakone Railway Izunagaoka Station,8 minutes by bus.Tomei Numazu IC - Route 1 Route 136 about 40 minutes

※This property does not provide pick-up service.Please use public transportation.
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Sightseeing around

  • World Heritage"Nirayama Reverberatory Furnaces"

    A reflective furnace that melts metal and cast a cannon.
    It was built for the purpose of modernizing armaments in order to counter Perry's arrival in 1853 (Kaei 6) and the expansion of Western countries into Asia.

    It remains almost complete, and it is only here that is managed throughout the country.
    It is also certified as a modernization industrial heritage.

    Various events are held according to the season, such as the appreciation of fireflies and tea picking.

    【Fare】500 yen for adults, 50 yen for elementary and junior high school students
    【Opening Hours】Open daily from 9:00 to 16:30 (closed)(New Year holidays)
    【Address】268-1 Naka, Izunokuni City, Shizuoka Prefecture(Parking lot available)
    【Contact / others】Izunokuni City Tourism Association Tel:055-949-3450
    【Access】About 8 minutes by car


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.