"Outlook Private open-air bath is free" Renewal opening September 2018!
Rakuzan Yasuda
September 2018 Renewal opening!

【Official】Rakuzan Yasuda

Wish Rakuzan Yasuda

In the ever-changing flow of daily life, `` Famous hot springs and dishes,
We want you to unravel and heal in the environment.I founded Rakuzan Yasuda from my strong feelings.

The famous hot spring "Kona-no-yu" which is one of Izu's Three Old Hot Springs hot springs, and the fresh seafood of Suruga Bay
You can enjoy seasonal multi-course meals using abundant local ingredients.

Also, in this facility with tatami floors, art works that are gorgeously colored with kimonos are displayed mainly in the lobby.

Have a holiday that touches art and gastronomy.

Room of the month

Spring Recommended plan

Official lowest price via Official HP!

  • Rakuzan Yasuda Official HP is the best deal!

    Customers who make a reservation via the Official website of this facility can stay at a reasonable price of 1,000 yen per person, based on the same plan price shown on the inn reservation site etc.!

    Of course, the contents of the plan and the dishes are the same!
    You can enjoy the famous onsen hot springs of this facility and the traditional Kaiseki cuisine of Leyama and Rakuzan Yasuda, which are colored in the seasonal season!

    As it is important, again, it is a customer exclusive rate of "via Official HP reservation"!


  • Dining Rakuzan

    42 seats
    Japanese dining based on monotone.
    There is a fashionable gorgeous Japanese dining.
    Also, for children with small children, please consider at the dining venue so as not to bother other guests.
  • Dining Rakuzan, Dining

    9 rooms
    Enjoy the fresh happiness of Izu lazily without worrying about the circumference.
    It is a dining atmosphere that is perfect for spending special time with loved ones.
  • Lobby Lounge Front Desk

    Tatami has been paved lobby, will continue to be drawn to check out up to Rakuzan Yasuda world Once you step into one step foot.
    A healing tatami space has started since entering the spacious entrance.
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Hotel Name

Rakuzan Yasuda


28 Kona, Izunokuni City, Shizuoka Prefecture

Telephone number



Transfer at JR Mishima Station, Get off at Izu Hakone Railway Izunagaoka Station, 8 minutes by bus. Approx. 40 minutes Route 1 Route 136 Tomei Numazu IC - Route 1 Route 136

※This property does not provide pick-up service except for some accommodation plan.Please use public transportation.
※Some plan, such as the "Commemorative Day plan Couples" and the "Celebration plan Families," offer a pick-up service.
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Sightseeing around

  • World Heritage"Nirayama Reverberatory Furnaces"

    A reflective furnace that melts metal and cast a cannon.
    It was constructed with the aim of modernizing the armaments in order to counter Perry arrival in 1853 (Kaei 6) and the Asian expansion of European countries.

    It remains almost complete, and it is only here that is managed throughout the country.
    It is also certified as a modernization industrial heritage.

    Various events are held according to the season, such as the appreciation of fireflies and tea picking.

    【Fare】100 yen/adult, small·Junior high school student 50 yen
    【Opening Hours】From 9:00 to 16:30(Closed)No rest (New Year holidays)
    【Address】268-1 Naka, Izunokuni City, Shizuoka Prefecture (Parking lot available)
    【Contact information·other】Izunokuni City Tourism Association, Tel: 055-949-3450
    【Access】About 8 minutes by car


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.