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Frequently Asked Questions

  • About use of refrigerator of room

    There is no content of guest room refrigerator.
    It is your responsibility to take with you the remainder of your beverage and trash.
  • Please ask about using the meal venue

    The restaurant is a dining room with partitions, but it is not a private room.

    If you are a small child, please be careful not to bother oContinue reading
  • About private outdoor bath use

    ◇This private bath is full outdoor bath, there is no facility to wash the body such as shower. It is a bath that you enjoy by soaked in hot Continue reading
  • About pickup

    There is no pick-up from the hotel so please take a taxi or bus from the nearest station to the hotel.
  • For customers arriving by car

    Because there is a narrow street width at the entrance of this facility, it may not be possible to get on and off at the entrance.
    Because Continue reading
  • Rakuzan hot spring, Hot Spring Qualities·Efficacy

    This facility is the source of the famous hot spring "Kona-no-yu". Fountain quality and efficacy are as follows.

    ◇Hot Spring Qualities···AContinue reading
  • Please tell me about meal time

    ▼Information about mealtime
    Dinner time: From 18: 00/Breakfast time: From 8:00
    The above is the basic time of the meal of this facility. ThaContinue reading
  • About the use of Miharashi Daiyokujyo Tembo

    "Tenbo" on the 6th floor of the hotel is a large public bath with a male and female exchange system.

    Open Hours, Male: From 15:00 to 1:30Continue reading
  • About the use Kesyo-no-yu Karin

    It is a large Kesyo-no-yu Karin bath with a system of changing genders Kesyo-no-yu Karin located on the 5th floor of the hotel.

    Open HoursContinue reading
  • About the use of No Roof Bath Hanakage

    "Hanakage" is an open-air bath set up outside of Kesyo-no-yu Karin.

    Open Hours, Female: From 15:00 to 1:30/Male: 2:00 to 10:00

    Relax anContinue reading
  • When using the car

    Tomei Expressway using the Tomei Expressway, it takes about 30 minutes from Numazu IC to the hotel.
    Numazu IC via National Route 1 to NatioContinue reading
  • When using Shinkansen bullet train

    When using the Shinkansen, transfer to the Izuhakone Railway from JR Mishima Station North Exit by Underground conventional line transfer.
    Continue reading
  • Izu no Odoriko (direct train)

    When using a direct train from Tokyo

    ●Tokyo--(Odoriko)Izunagaoka, "About 2 hours and 5 minutes"
  • From each station

    ●Numazu ―――――― Izunagaoka, "30 minutes by bus"
    ●Mishima ―――――― Izunagaoka, "Bus 30 minutes·Train 20 minutes "
    ●Izunagaoka Rakuzan Yasuda, "8Continue reading


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.