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Rakuzan Yasuda


28 Kona, Izunokuni City, Shizuoka Prefecture

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Transfer at JR Mishima Station, Get off at Izu Hakone Railway Izunagaoka Station, 8 minutes by bus. Approx. 40 minutes Route 1 Route 136 Tomei Numazu IC - Route 1 Route 136

※This property does not provide pick-up service except for some accommodation plan.Please use public transportation.
※Some plan, such as the "Commemorative Day plan Couples" and the "Celebration plan Families," offer a pick-up service.
  • When arriving by car

    [Izu Jukan Expressway (Higashi-Surugawan Kanjo Road)]
    Izu Jukan Expressway (between Mishima Tsukahara IC - Kannami Tsukamoto IC) is fully open on February 11, 2014, and it takes about 25 minutes from Tona Tomei Numazu IC to this building. Tokyo IC takes about 85 minutes from Tokyo IC.
    Parking: Present (Free)
  • If you come by train (In case of using public transportation)

    【Guidance of bus from the nearest station】
    Bus ride time from Izu-Nagaoka Station: 8 minutes
    3 minute walk from the Bus Stop in front of Nagaoka Comprehensive Hall

    【About pickup】
    There is no transfer from the inn
    Thank you for understanding in advance.

    About 5 minutes by taxi from Izu-Nagaoka Station

    【Express bus]】
    Limited express bus to Mishima Station - Kona Onsen South Exit